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The Secretariat for the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) Z97 is the Glazing Industry Secretary Committee (GISC).  The Objectives of GISC are as follows:

The purpose for which GISC is organized is to serve as administrator and secretariat of the glass, glazing, and fenestration industry's voluntary safety standard for architectural glazing materials, ANSI Z97.1, approved and adopted by the American National Standards Institute, and for the Accredited Standards Committee, charged with maintaining that industry standard. To this end, GISC shall, among other activities, endeavor to carry out its principal purpose in conformity with the protocol established by ANSI for secretariats such as GISC. It also shall appear at meetings of the ASC Z97 Accredited Standards Committee (ASC).

Current officers of GISC are:

Jeff Haberer (Trulite Glass & Aluminum) President
Shane Merryman (Consolidated Glass Corp.) Vice President
Ilona Schmidt (Corning Incorporated) Secretary/Treasurer


The ASC Z97 Committee adheres to operating guidelines for the development and coordination of the ANSI Z97.1 Standard. Click here to view the procedures.