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ANSI Z97.1-2015 (R2020) Interpretation/Modification Requests

Proposing Revisions
Revisions are made periodically to the Standard to incorporate changes that appear necessary or desirable, as demonstrated by the experience gained from the application of the Standard. Approved revisions will be published periodically.

The Committee welcomes proposals for revisions to this Standard. Proposals should be as specific as possible: citing the paragraph number(s), the proposed wording and a detailed description of the reasons for the proposal. Pertinent documentation should be included.

On written request, the Z97.1 Committee will render an interpretation of any requirement of the Standard. The request for interpretation should be clear and unambiguous.

The following format is recommended:

Subject:  Cite the applicable paragraph number(s) and provide a concise description.
Edition:  Cite the edition of the Standard for which the interpretation is being requested.
Question:  Phrase the question as a request for an interpretation of a specific requirement suitable for general understanding and use not a request for an approval of a proprietary design or situation.

Requests that are not in the above format may be rewritten by the Committee or its Secretary prior to being answered, which may inadvertently change the intent of the original request. The Committee reserves the right to deem certain requests for interpretations as not within its scope or expertise and refuse to address them.

Click here to request an Interpretation/Modification.

The committee reserves the right to reconsider any interpretation when or if additional information which might affect its becomes available to the Committee. Persons aggrieved by an interpretation may appeal to the Committee for reinterpretation. The Z97.1 Committee does not "approve," "certify," "rate," or "endorse," any item, construction, proprietary device, or activity beyond what is addressed in the Standard.

ANSI Z97.1-2015 Interpretations

Below are interpretations rendered by ASC.

Code Subject Date
TI-18.1017.001 Chemically Strengthened Safety Glass 11/26/2018
TI-17.0223.001 Vacuum Insulating Glass Edge 02/23/2017
TI-16.06.001 Vacuum Insulating Glass 01/13/2016
TI-16.06.002 Removable Film Asymmetric 05/27/2016
TI-16.06.003 Film Thermal Testing 04/01/2016
TI-16.06.004 Bubbles 04/01/2016
TI-16.07.09 Tyre 07/08/2016

ANSI Z97.1-2009 Interpretations

Below are interpretations rendered by ASC.

Code Subject Date
TI-09.11.001 Substantially in One Piece 11/19/2009
TI-10.06.001 Haze Weathering 06/23/2010
TI-10.06.002 Retains and Weathered Samples 06/23/2010
TI-11.04.001 Colors Qualify with Clear 04/25/2011
TI-11.04.002 Tempered Exclusion Area Center Punch 04/25/2011
Errata 02.11.11 Z97.1-2009 Errata - February 11, 2011 02/11/2011
TI-14.06.001 Inserts 06/27/2014
TI-14.09.001 Logo SGCC Number/Place of Fabrication 09/30/2014
TI-14.09.002 Marking of Safety Glazing Material 09/30/2014
TI-14.09.003 Asymmetric Laminated Glass/IGU Impact Compliance 09/30/2014

ANSI Z97.1-2004 Interpretations

Below are interpretations rendered by ASC.

Code Subject Date
TI-04.06.001 Minimum size for testing compliance to be 16� x 30� inches 12/13/2006


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