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Accredited Standards Committee Membership Forms
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Accredited Standards Committee Members

Chris Barry
Pilkington North America, Inc.

Ron Hull
Kuraray America Inc

Robert Brown
ASC Z97 Individual Member

Carl Carmen
Consolidated Glass Corp.

David Chan
Plaskolite Inc.

Mark Cody
AGC Flat Glass North America

Edward Conrath
ASC Z97 Individual Member

Jack Foushee
Viracon Inc.

Brian Gartner
ASC Z97 Individual Member

Geys Gomez
Interlayer Solutions

Jeff Griffiths
SaftiFirst/O'Keeffe's Inc.

John Kent
ASC Z97 Individual Member

Debra Levy
ASC Z97 Individual Member

Cliff Monroe
Arch Aluminum and Glass Co., Inc.

Paul Neumann

Kristen Norville
Hurricane Test Laboratory, LLC

Scott Norville
ASC Z97 Individual Member

William Nugent
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates

Kevin Olah
ASC Z97 Individual Member

Tom Glavas
Guardian Glass

Max Perlstien
Vitro North America

John Phillips
Lucite International, Inc.

Jeff Razwick
Technical Glass Products

Julia Schimmelpenningh
Solutia Inc.

Darrell Smith
IWFA Manufacturers Committee

Urmilla Sowell
Glass Association of North America

Darrell Sparks

Kate Steel
Steel Consulting Services

Irvin Scott
Architectural Testing, Inc.

Richard Wright
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope


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